The Petit Appetit Cookbook... For helping me with the baby of my friends!

I recently purchased this book along with another like it and have found this one to be my favorite! How easy is it to make your own babyfood? Well, if you can make a grilled cheese, you can make your own baby food with, just as the author states, pretty much stuff you probably already have in the kitchen!
The introductory chapters provide a good deal of information on knowing when to start your baby on solids, differentiating the various definitions of organic goods and what not to feed (and why) just to name a few topics. The recipes are divided up into feeding stage appropriate sections with both fruits and veggies listed as pediatricians often differ on which one should be started first. The recipes themselves are super easy and while the daugther of my friends is trying to figure out whether or not she likes certain things, I find the taste of some of the foods to be pretty pleasant. As far as cost savings. I prepared an apple puree the other day with 3 lbs of organic red delicious apples ($3) and ended up with probably $20 (if I had to purchase) in food and it took very little time!


The Pearline sea's said...

not concerned by baby or babies friends!


excellent book! very useful!