Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

I have long been fascinated by the convergence of science and spirituality, ever since experiencing physical healing through prayer as a child. Growing up as a Christian Scientist, it was very normal to think of God as ever present Love and mankind as spiritual beings at the core.

I very much appreciate the courage that Dr. Alexander has shown for sharing this experience with us. There are "miracles" going on around us every day, but the unique combination of elements in his story (the fact that he was a neurosurgeon who held a materialist view, and that he understood ‘the brain so well that he could readily see that his experience was impossible if an explanation was: attempted though reductionist science) means that he could have a real impact on the future of study in this area.

For those who come to this book with an open mind, I fail to see how it will not have a profound impact on how they view the most important questions related to meaning, purpose and existence.

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The Ragnarok said...

interesting book.